Staging a Clients Home

Last week I spent about a day and 1/2 creating simple decorating changes to a clients home, to spruce it up, before she lists it for sale. The crazy thing is... this is my old home.  It sure was fun to decorate a home that my husband and I built and lived in for 3+ years (we sold it about 4 or 5 years ago.) Trust me, I loved every minute of it! and it was a true honor to receive the call and be hired by the one who purchased my 'old' home.

Today I'm sharing some of the changes that I made to my clients living room, breakfast nook, entryway and the kitchen.  My client and I spent a day shopping, with a budget that she set, and a couple of days after shopping, I went over and set the space up.  She was happy with the paint colors in the home, so there was no need to paint. This mini makeover was more about accessorizing and adding a few little changes to create a more put-together,  pretty, and appealing space. It's amazing how just a few little changes can make such a difference in a home.
Here is the living room:
Additions to this space include:
 plant stands (serving as side tables,) new lamps and greenery...
a coffee table arrangement
 2 large mirrors on either side of the fireplace...
 larger items for the niche above the fireplace ...

and a cozy little sitting area.
Here are the before and afters of this living room:
and more:
Now, let me take you into the breakfast nook:
Additions to this space include:
A gorgeous new rug from Homegoods. I love this rug and I want it.
and a table centerpiece.  My client had this rectangle table cloth. I altered it by cutting and sewing it to a square, then placing it on a diagonal.
I also brought the art that was formerly in the entry way into this space.  I did a couple of minor changes to the curtains (like tied one side over and fixed the valances a bit, so you can't see the tops of the panels. If you look closely at the before photo, you can see the green panel peeking over the top of the valance.) I made the curtains, many years ago, while living in this home.
and here are the before and afters:
Let's take a look into the entry way:
A new table, lamps and greens were added.  The art came from the living room. 
(those cords are bugging me... I should really go fix them.)
The space before had just a photo, which I moved into the breakfast nook.
And here are the kitchen changes:
My mother painted the mural on the hood, while I lived in this house. I still LOVE it!  I was thrilled to see that all the paintings my mom did in this house are still there.  I'll show you some more of the paintings  in another post.
I added some simple additions to the tops of the cabinets.
 and onto the counters as well.
Here are the before and afters of the kitchen:
Adding to the tops of the cabinets, making changes to the counters and adding a little color warms up this kitchen.

My husband is a home builder and I've 'staged' his model homes in the past.  I don't know a ton about home staging, but I do know that I love clean, organized and pretty spaces and I assume others do as well. I just decorate or organize a clients home, the way I would, if it were my own. 

It was an absolute DELIGHT and truly an honor to be called in to stage this home. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! My client loves it and is very happy with the transformation and that, my friends, is most important!

May you be a little inspired!


  1. Wow! Are you going to become a stager as well?... You certainly could! This is great!

  2. Everything looks great! I noticed that she has the same faucet as I do. It's funny how I notice things that twenty years ago I could have cared less about. I love that faucet.

    Thanks for sharing the before and afters. A little "tweaking" goes a long way.

  3. It looks great. It's weird though, I do NOT want to ever go into either of the homes we used to own! I don't want to see what they have covered up or ripped out, lol.

  4. What's interesting is that the before shots do not look bad, but the after shots look fantastic. It helps that I love black!

  5. Look out HGTV! You could totally have your own show. The best part is your blog name would be a lovely title for a show.

  6. Great job! It's amazing what a little color and accessories can do.

  7. Fantastic changes, especially to the lounge area and entry way.
    Anne xx

  8. I really like the things you did in this house. Something puzzles me, though. It kind of surprises me that you would need to purchase more things, when I thought the whole idea was to create a more minimalist-look. We have our house for sale & I've been packing up most of my decor items, simplifying wall art, etc. Now I'm not sure I've been doing the right thing. LOL!!!

  9. CAS,
    I believe it completely depends on HOW much decor a person has. For example, my client began with very little and wanted to make the space feel more inviting or home"y" for potential buyers. Simplifying is definitely key, but I don't believe that means pack the entire house up, you still want the feeling of a lived in space, but "put together" nicely. Good Luck on your home sale :)

  10. You did a great job. I especially like the way you replaced some art work with mirrors, the leggy tables that show more floor, and all the plants. Lovely.

  11. You know, you are really very good.

  12. Wow!DaNita, you sure have many talents. This staging job was done beautifully. I hope that they will get an offer soon. That kitchen is to die for! Especially love the hand painted range hood your Mother painted..It is beautiful!

  13. you do great work!! What is your trick for hiding the lamp cords?


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