Printable Circle Tag Tutorial

I sell printable party circle tags in my Shop.   In this post, I'm going to show you how to create with them.  This is just one idea. You can cut them out any way you want and use them multiple ways.

Print the circle tags on cardstock paper (or regular paper, if you'd like.)   The great thing about this printable item is that you can print as many as you need for the party.
Cut out the columns
to look like this.
line it up
and punch out the shapes...
and you've got pretty party tags.
To make cupcake toppers, punch out more scalloped shapes with a different color paper.
 and using a lollipop stick, (got mine from Walmart) glue around one end of the stick.
I used my tape runner, but any glue or hot glue would work too.
glue the solid color on one side of the stick and
add the circle tag to the top. Easy Peasy  and CUTE as a button nose! :)

Like I said earlier, this is just one way you can cut them out. If you don't have a scalloped punch, you can cut out the squares or the circle within the square.  Decorate your party, with these tags, however you'd like. Below are some ideas:
Makes for a fun (inexpensive) theme party.

Once again, you can purchase the party theme circles tags in my shop.

Happy Party Decorating!


  1. Thanks for this - I always love how your labels and tags come out.

  2. These are too cute! From where do you typically buy your cardstock? Do you use a certain weight? Thanks and I love your blog!

  3. Hi FH,
    Thanks! I get cardstock from JoAnn's, Michaels, Walmart and sometimes from Office Depot. Usually I buy the scrapbook paper in sets.

  4. i HAVE A QUESTION what program do you use to make these tags ?

  5. What is the font used on those tags? Specifically the cursive/handwriting font? Love it!


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