Organizing the Baking Cabinet

Here is a little more of my kitchen cabinet organizing. My cabinets have actually been complete for a while, it just takes a little time to post them.  This is my baking cabinet:
I found these containers at Ikea: View them  HERE
I created my labels in Photoshop, printed them, cut them out and ran them through my sticker maker, the same way that I did my craft closet labels.
I keep all my cookbooks in magazine holder boxes (most of them fit into these.) Some of my cookbooks will actually stand on their own and those ones I keep on the side of these file boxes. These boxes are from Ikea as well. ! 4 boxes for $2.99. View them HERE.
What I love about these containers is the lids open, for easy pouring.
The file boxes work great!
I keep my personalized recipe box of our favorite recipes in this cabinet as well. 
I'll show you more of that soon.
and on the inside of the cabinet door I store baking spices. Yes, I know I have a lot of poppy seeds and ground cinnamon, but I refuse to throw them out, as I use them quite often.  

Before I started organizing my kitchen, I had all my baking spices and all my cooking spices together in my pull-out spice rack cabinet (I'll show you that soon.) It was crowded and hard to find anything, therefore I couldn't actually see how many of each item I had.  That is exactly why I had to get my kitchen cabinets in order and I'm glad that I did.

I store my flour, sugar, brown sugars, etc. in my pantry.

I still have more on my kitchen organizing coming soon. So be sure and come back soon. If you're new here, I'd be delighted if you followed my blog to stay updated on more organizing, decorating and craft ideas.  I have a lot more to share with you, my great readers! :)

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