My New Baby's Room

I already shared my old baby's room with you. This is my new baby's room. I love this room!   The biggest thing you should know about this room is that it was decorated on a very low budget.  I would have loved to get all new furniture, but that wasn't an option, and since the furniture is on it's last leg, I knew I wasn't going to be using it for too long, therefore chose not to paint it (otherwise I would have.)
 I painted the monogram and airplane on the wall...
I added a little monkey flying the plane and a couple of birds above, as per my aunt's advice.

I LOVE having my 'designer aunt, Amy' visit. She came up with a plan for the bedding and my aunt, my mother and I went shopping for the material. My mother actually did most of the sewing work: whipping up the bedding, the window panels, the table topper & completely recovered my chair & ottoman. I LOVE having my mom visit too! No lie, when she plans a trip, I find 'work' for her. Sometimes it's painting, but most often it's sewing.  I can sew, she just does it SEW MUCH BETTER and quicker too. Most of the material is from Joann Fabrics. Some is from Walmart.
Every nursery needs a chair for rocking the little one.
I found this rug at Ross.  I love the zebra print!
All the frames in this room are from Walmart and were super inexpensive. The photo's in the frames are, of course, of my little man.  I loved these photo's and wanted to make the red wagon "pop", so using photoshop, I did just that. I also gave the photo a vintage look.  These photos aren't even printed on photo paper, I just printed them out with my laser printer on regular paper. (bet you would of never known that, huh?)
Here's a couple more Walmart frames and photo's printed on regular paper.
 Love this little man! what a stud!
These photo's are his newborn pics. I made the plaque with his name on it. Simply painted a piece of board, painted some letters that I found at Joann's and hot glued them on and hung it with ribbon. The shelf is from Ross (I gave it a coat of glaze.)  I just love this cute little puppy dog too! (my baby actually sleeps with this puppy every night.)
and a fun little green frog to stand out.

To dress up the room a bit, without spending much money, I had to use some creative thinking.  Like for instance:
This baby box was a neon green color (but a great price at Ross.) So I gave it some paint and a coat of glaze.  I talked about glazing in my Childrens' Art Board post. The sweet little teddy bear is one that my boys have had for a while now. To make him "go" in the room, I simply gave him a little addition with ribbon.
I already had this lamp, but wanted to make the shade a little more 'kiddish' so I glued trim around the edge.
This lamp was on sale at Homegoods. The base was cream colored. I gave it some paint and I glued ribbon around the top and the bottom of this shade.
Here's one last look at my NEW baby's room:
  I just love sitting in this room. It makes me :)

May you be a little inspired!

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