My New Baby's Room

I already shared my old baby's room with you. This is my new baby's room. I love this room!   The biggest thing you should know about this room is that it was decorated on a very low budget.  I would have loved to get all new furniture, but that wasn't an option, and since the furniture is on it's last leg, I knew I wasn't going to be using it for too long, therefore chose not to paint it (otherwise I would have.)
 I painted the monogram and airplane on the wall...
I added a little monkey flying the plane and a couple of birds above, as per my aunt's advice.

I LOVE having my 'designer aunt, Amy' visit. She came up with a plan for the bedding and my aunt, my mother and I went shopping for the material. My mother actually did most of the sewing work: whipping up the bedding, the window panels, the table topper & completely recovered my chair & ottoman. I LOVE having my mom visit too! No lie, when she plans a trip, I find 'work' for her. Sometimes it's painting, but most often it's sewing.  I can sew, she just does it SEW MUCH BETTER and quicker too. Most of the material is from Joann Fabrics. Some is from Walmart.
Every nursery needs a chair for rocking the little one.
I found this rug at Ross.  I love the zebra print!
All the frames in this room are from Walmart and were super inexpensive. The photo's in the frames are, of course, of my little man.  I loved these photo's and wanted to make the red wagon "pop", so using photoshop, I did just that. I also gave the photo a vintage look.  These photos aren't even printed on photo paper, I just printed them out with my laser printer on regular paper. (bet you would of never known that, huh?)
Here's a couple more Walmart frames and photo's printed on regular paper.
 Love this little man! what a stud!
These photo's are his newborn pics. I made the plaque with his name on it. Simply painted a piece of board, painted some letters that I found at Joann's and hot glued them on and hung it with ribbon. The shelf is from Ross (I gave it a coat of glaze.)  I just love this cute little puppy dog too! (my baby actually sleeps with this puppy every night.)
and a fun little green frog to stand out.

To dress up the room a bit, without spending much money, I had to use some creative thinking.  Like for instance:
This baby box was a neon green color (but a great price at Ross.) So I gave it some paint and a coat of glaze.  I talked about glazing in my Childrens' Art Board post. The sweet little teddy bear is one that my boys have had for a while now. To make him "go" in the room, I simply gave him a little addition with ribbon.
I already had this lamp, but wanted to make the shade a little more 'kiddish' so I glued trim around the edge.
This lamp was on sale at Homegoods. The base was cream colored. I gave it some paint and I glued ribbon around the top and the bottom of this shade.
Here's one last look at my NEW baby's room:
  I just love sitting in this room. It makes me :)

May you be a little inspired!


  1. Those pictures in the red wagon are adorable. How precious!

  2. I love it! The rug is my favorite! :) Erin


  3. What a sweet room! LOVE the zebra rug!

  4. Delightful transformation!
    Loved your blog :)


  5. Beautiful room! I love the fabrics, and the little airplane is great!

  6. It looks great and I love that little plane with the monkey and birds above the initials. It's so adorable!

  7. Love it! The zebra print rug is awesome! All the mixtures of patterns in the same colors are perfect together.

  8. It is so adorable! love the drapes and the way you dressed up the lampshade.

  9. I love the room! Love the black and pale blue! Just adorable!

  10. Oh my this is so adorable, love that it is not the traditional colors for a babies room!

  11. Love the simplicity - and especially the black accents.
    Great job!
    Stopping by from Domestically Speaking ... and new follower!

  12. You must have a really nice printer because your photos of your little man look great!!

  13. So, your mom and my mom do exactly the same thing when they visit! We spend her visits painting, her sewing, and doing lots of work and projects! Very cute!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  14. I have never seen a black and white nursery, but it's classy. I'm working on a black and white room, too.

  15. Very cute! Your mom is talented. Hooray for great moms! Your newest follower... hope you can visit me sometime soon!

  16. I love all the inexpensive touches you added to the room. And this is the second time I've heard of that Ross store...I don't think I have one nearby, sounds like a great store! Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!

  17. Just gorgeous. I love the colour scheme and rug especially. I'm about to begin work on my first nursery room.

  18. Love the colors! It looks fantastic!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  19. It's so fun because it's so UNIQUE. Thanks for sharing.

    Warmly, Michelle

  20. Love the black & white against those walls! And using b&w photos is a great addition too. I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today! :)


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