Moving the Medicine Cabinet

Really, it was quite funny! Jen from IHeart Organizing posted on storing medication the EXACT same day that I did. I LOVE Jen's blog - always have, always will!! :)

Jen's post had some great advice from pharmacist, Mellissa C. Here's a little of the post... "...drugs need to be stored in an area where there is low humidity and stable temperature {room temp, never above 77 F}"

and more that Mellissa writes, which totally stuck out at me... "Now where should you store your medication?  I recommend either your bedroom or your kitchen (but not in cabinets around the stove or the refrigerator because of the heat generated by these appliances)"... read the full post HERE.

Now, I was doing something right, by storing the medicine in the kitchen! Yahoo!! See y'all, it really is good to have medication in the kitchen, vs. the bathroom.  However, the part that stuck out to me, is the part of WHERE in the kitchen the meds. should NOT be.  Not in cabinets around heat generating appliances .... Hmmm, guess where I just moved my medicine cabinet . . .
In the cabinets above my wall oven.  So the very first thing I did, the day after reading Jen's post, was move the medicine cabinet. I had to change the baskets too, as my red baskets ended up being too big for the new place. Not a big deal ... I re-used them.

My new medicine cabinet is now in the cabinets above my Kitchen Command Center Desk. (the bins that hold my batteries, flashlights, candles, etc. were moved to an empty cabinet to the right of the desk.)
Here is my NEW medicine cabinet:
This space works just great.
The baskets are from the Dollar Tree
View my medicine cabinet labels in my Etsy Shop.
I was excited to clear the space above my wall oven, because, originally I wanted my paper tableware to be stored in  those cabinets. NOW it is. I'll show you that soon.


  1. After reading that same post I moved my medicine to the linen closet. Luckily I had some plastic containers on hand to do so :)

    I have those same blue baskets :) Mine are in a cabinet in the bathroom :)

  2. Oh, my medicine cabinet is not nearly as pretty. It needs a major overhaul!

  3. Love your cute baskets for your organization! I would love to have the space for mine like that! Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission link party. I don't know if you realize it or not, but I did a series a couple weeks ago on organizing your medicine cabinets, labeling them, expiration dates and disposal of meds. I actually didn't hit the actual place to store the medicines...so this is great. But I was also was highlighting some of the med cabinets on that post, so I will link this one up also. Here is the link for that. http://www.organizewithsandy.com/2011/03/15/organize-your-medicine-cabinet-part-1/

  4. This is the best looking medicine organization I've ever seen !!! And, I've drooled over your other inspiring projects, too. May I please "borrow" your amazing craft room for just a bit ?! LOL. Thanks again for your kind note about our breakfast area. *Becca*


  5. I have to do some medicine reorganizing and I love this! Thanks for the post! :)

  6. Great job DaNita! I am going to be featuring you this week on my Organizing Mission Monday link party. Stop by and pick up my button if you don't already have it. lol

  7. I just found your blog yesterday and today I went to Dollar Tree and got the same baskets, but in green, to organize my medicine cabinet. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  8. i love the medicine cabinet! i'm going to try to do this tomorrow!!!! where did you get (or how did you make) those adorable tags that are hanging there?

  9. Do you know if you can buy these blue tubs online anywhere? I used them to start a project and now I can't find anymore. I need about 12. I got them at the Dollar Tree and don't see them online anywhere. Please email me if you have any ideas. amy.berra@hallco.org Thank you so much.

  10. I have a hanging shoe organizer on the inside of my pantry door that I keep most of our medicines in. We are low on cabinet space around here.


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