Inexpensive Easter Basket Ideas

With only 2 days before Easter, I finally finished putting together my boys' Easter baskets.
I HAD to create something on the cheap, so I went to the good ole' Dollar Store, the other day, and found these baskets:
Which I plan on re-using for more organizing. ;) they won't mind... all they want is the candy.) I also bought some of this:
only because I was out of it (and I use this for a LOT of things) I'll re-use this too ;)
I found a package of these marshmallow twists and I made this out of them:
I just tied raffia ribbon around them to hold the two together. Super Easy AND a great reminder of the TRUE meaning of Easter!!

I stuffed the basket with the  paper shred, eggs and candy and one little toy (also from the dollar tree.) I used cellophane wrap...
...which I had in my lil' gift wrap station and wrapped it around the basket.  Then tied raffia ribbon around the cellophane and the cross and ...
...added a fun little Easter tag (which I made FREE for my lovely readers, at the bottom of this post.)
I made four simple, easy and inexpensive Easter baskets for my boys to "hunt for" on Easter morn.
Here are your FREE Easter Tags:

Simply click on the photo above and print.



  1. I love the cross made out of candy!

  2. Looks great. You go to such lovely details. A beach bucket with sand tools is another lovely container for gifts that is easily reused. For the young adults in my life, I often use a gift container they can reuse. It's practical. Laundry hamper, canning jar, flour cannister. Running left over paper sacks and brown wrapper through a shredder can make good packing materials.

  3. these baskets are great! makes me want to have children so i can spoil them like this on Easter. also LOVE that you keep the true meaning of the holiday in there with the marshmallow cross. xox

  4. What a great idea with the baskets! I wish I would have thought of that...an idea for next year :) Happy Easter!

  5. What a great job on the Easter Baskets! I, too, have used the storage baskets as their Easter Baskets before. This year I am going to recycle their old baskets. The printables are so cute! I just printed some out and am going to use them to attach to the baskets and flowers we'll be giving to some widows at church. Thank you so much for sharing those! :) Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

  6. I just love your ideas. I also took my kids to the dollar store and they chose their candy. They were able to choose and additional item under $15 at either target or toysrus. Son got a lego set, and daughter Justin B. puzzle and t-shirt. She even bedazzled her basket.


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