Bringing Delightful Order to my Linen Closet

I've been plugging away at more organizing and it feels great! I finished the linen closet last week and I'm happy with the space.
and here is what it looked like before:
It was time to bring some Delightful Order to this closet. So I purchased some more of those very inexpensive baskets from the Dollar Tree. The same ones I used in in my kitchen to organize my paper tableware, just a different color.  I

emptied the entire closet and went through and decided to get rid of some of the sheets, pillows, etc. that have seen their better days.
Here is my garage sale/goodwill pile.
Less is more! So goodbye to this stockpile.
I made some cute little tags for the closet too (you know how much I love tags.)  They are available to purchase HERE.

I wanted the tags to have a seal, so they wouldn't rip or tear and I wanted to be able to fit a safety pin through them.  It took me a little while to figure out how to seal them. If I laminated them, they'd be too thick.  I decided to use, the ever so awesome, Mod Podge to seal them.

So I created my labels, printed them and Mod Podged over the front and the back of the paper.  I let them dry, cut them out and they were ready to be used. Find Mod Podge HERE.
The top shelf houses my overstock of pillows.
The next shelf holds my table linens, cloth napkins and pillowcases.
Stacked table linens.
Napkins for fancy dinners.
I attached the labels to the baskets with binder clips.
 I love the look of rolled pillow cases.
The next shelf holds sheets.
A lot of people like to fold sheets in sets with the fitted and the flat sheets together. 
I keep mine separate.
I roll my fitted sheets, because they never fold as flat as I'd like them to.
and I also rolled some of the blankets and the sleeping bags.
Here are the before and after side by side's of my newly organized linen closet:
Feels great to have another closet organized.

Now it's your turn to bring Delightful Order to your linen closet. Be sure and post before and after photo's and come back here on Thursday to link to my Inspiring Thursday Link Party. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Again you can find the LINEN closet labels in my Etsy Shop HERE.


  1. Looks good girl! I am in envy of all of your organized-ness lol I am in the process of moving and ugh I hate that!

  2. Amazing! I really love this idea and I think I'll be organizing my linen closet sooner than later!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful. I have such a huge problem with my laundry closet. Too much stuff and all stuffed in. We don't have the Dollar Tree here in Australia so I'll have to see what else I can find. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Anne xx

  4. P.S. I like the way you have tagged the sheets too. I can never work out which ones are which until I go to put them on the bed and then it's usually the wrong size. :(

  5. Love the look of it. I recently cleaned mine out and thought I needed to get some baskets to help with storage. Your closet almost looks the same size as mine. What's the length of your shelves?

  6. It looks so great - love the tags!

  7. DaNita, This is wonderful and cute and amazing and inspiring!!!

    I've been following you for a little while now and planning to post about your blog on mine and as soon as I saw this post, I knew this was the day! If you'd like to see it, here it is...

    Thank you so much for all your amazing diy projects and in depth tutorials! Keep them coming...

  8. It is awesome! I think my next project will be the linen closet. You are such an inspiration and I love your tags.

  9. Can you come and do my whole house? *chuckle* Looks so neat and organized, love it!


  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I just cleaned out our linen closet, but am going to have to steal your idea of the baskets and labels! Love them!

  11. This is just so smart! I LOVE it. Love the tags...and you're so detail oriented: they're all hanging at the same angle. I adore that kind of attention to detail. Way to go!

  12. So when I ready the title, I thought, "Oh, I just organized MINE too". Then I SAW yours. Back to work. Mine is organized (and I hung little sachets on the walls inside so it smells really great!) but I love your labels -- now THAT is clever!

  13. I still need to do the kids linen closet. It is really small and ends up a mess also. Sheets are a pain. Love your plastic basket idea.
    Thanks for linking to my Organizing mission link party.

  14. Ooh! I'm a sucker for an organized closet. I love what you've done with your linen closet. Labeling the sheet sets is genius! I'm your newest follower! :)


  15. GREAT JOB! I love that a linen closet can look so wonderfully organized yet you don't have to FOLD FITTED SHEETS! I will definitely be stealing this idea! WAY TO GO!

  16. OH My Gosh!! You are so inspiring! I am loving your ideas for organizing!!! My OCD is kicking in at high gear! LOL!! I did wonder if you would be able to post a short tutorial (pics or video) of how you roll your fitted sheets?? I have tried with many fails to fold, roll, wad, etc LOL those crazy sheets and it drives me mad!!!
    Thank you !! I am following you on your blog and FB and can't wait to keep exploring your site!! :)

  17. Will you please come do this to mine?! :D

  18. I"m loving all the spaces you are linking up! :) My upstairs closet looks almost exactly like your before picture. Now I need to go organize it. Thanks for inspiring.

  19. I have been following your site for a while now and I just love it! You have such great, "do-able" ideas. I love the tags on the linens so you don't have to unfold things to see what they are. I was thinking... you could laminate the tags and paper punch a hole for the pin to go through. You are so creative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! (I "Pin" you like crazy!)

  20. I did it! I DID it! Thanks so much for the ideas for tackling my most hated closet in the house. I still have labels to print & am debating on if I have enough room to add in table cloths or not, but the huge part is done! Thanks again for the inspiration. Apparently, all I needed to motivate me was your repin on Pinterest!

  21. I slated yesterday to clean out my linen closet and before I tackled the chore, I searched for organizing idea on Pinterest. I ran across your closet and was inspired. But, best of all, the ROLLING! You have changed my life! ROLLING! So easy! So smart! I have rolled my closet all up and it looks great. You can check out my blog about it here...I give you a shout out:



  22. What a great idea...to roll those fitted sheets. Your closet looks great!

  23. I love that color blue, your closet looks so pretty! I am going to head to the dollar tree today, thanks for the idea!

  24. I love the idea of rolled fitted sheets! I've never thought of that, but it really makes sense as I can NEVER get my fitted sheets to fold right (and I used to do laundry in a hospital, so I've had LOTS of practice!). I think I'll have to implement that idea...oh, and I've spent about $40 at Dollar Tree in the past 3 days...thanks for the tip, I never would have thought to look there for bins!

  25. Labeling the individual sheets and table cloths?! BRILLIANT. Never would have thought of that. I like that you used Dollar Tree bins. I had half dismissed the idea (I'm super budgeted right now) till you mentioned Dollar Tree. I always need a reason to get out there. Thanks for the ideas. I'm sick to death of my linen closet. Any ideas for towels?!

  26. When we downsized to a smaller home, less storage in 2005, I gave away so many sheet sets, and towels because I knew I wouldn't have storage space for them. Half of them were the old muslin sheets anyhow so I was glad to get rid of them. I now own 3 sets for both of our beds, one bed is Q, while the other is double size. I have to keep my kitchen dish cloths and towels, pot holders,etc. in the linen closet, along with blankets, pillows and towels. Folding fitted sheets are always a challenge, especially Queen or King size. Takes two people..to fold it right. I save the plastic bags that bedding comes in and I store a complete set of bed linens in them and I have the size written in Magic marker on top, so I know which bed it goes to right away. When you buy new cloth napkins, they usually come in a clear,plastic bag . Save that to put them back into after they have been laundered and dried and folded neatly again.

    I don't think I'd like those thugs or whatever they are called for my linens, but that's a matter of personal preference..I am thinking that buying all the same color towel sets would help to make the linen closet looked organized. I keep trying to place the matching wash cloth inside the folded towel and DH keeps digging into all the pile of wash clothes, instead of looking inside the folded towel. What's that old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

    Maybe somebody can make tuitorial on how to fold a fitted sheet. Hint! Hint!

  27. I'm in envy of how much space you have!! not to mention your organizational skills!

  28. I am most certainly doing this to my closet as soon we get into the new house. Another idea I saw for organizing sheets is to fold the fitted & flat and put them IN the matching pillowcase so they're, neat, together, and easy to grab.

  29. I just did my linen closet. I rent, so I couldn't do anything about the space. And in this crazy economy we had no extra money for baskets, but I was able to put labels, and get rid of several items. It felt good to do some purging. Granted my husband thought I was full of bologne... putting labels in the linen closet ( he said that will last long), what a pain.

    Anyway. I took before and after pics and I can't wait to use them.

  30. good job!


  31. I saw on Pintrest that putting sheet sets in one of the pillow cases helps keep everything together without looking for the mates! Love this I am in the process of trying to organize my closests great ideas!

  32. I found these exact same baskets at the dollar store this weekend and organized my closets. They look great! Thank you so much for this idea - love love love it!

  33. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I am trying to turn another leaf and get organized AND keep it that way. It has been easier said than done, but labeling everything makes so much sense its silly!! My family tends to throw things wherever and nothing has a "spot", soooo I have decided to give EVERYTHING a "spot" and label it so there is no excuse!! I love your labels and use of bins for everything. I got bins from dollar tree today for my sons new dresser and I even grabbed some extra for as I go along organizing. The best part is my son is so interested and my 2 yr old is even helping. I am hoping this tactic works and I can have a clean organized home. Thanks for the inspiration, keep the great ideas coming!!

  34. Thanks for the inspiration! I went to Dollar Tree today and thanks to your blog I now have an organized linen closet, under bathroom sink, & under kitchen sink complete with labels! Yeah!

  35. I love this only wish I had a linen closet. I live in a very old house with very little storage space. Any suggestions?

  36. That looks great. I am going to the Dollar Tree tomorrow for some of those baskets. My linen closet looks like your before picture too.

  37. These are great. I LOVE organization. blessings, Amy

  38. The Angels are singing in my head when I look at this! Love your blog...(mind you I'm a professional organizer by trade so that would make sense)

  39. What you're missing (or what I've missed) is a little basket to hold those labels and pins while you are using the table cloths. Help!

  40. rolling fitted sheets... simply genious!! hate how they end when I fold them, I saw Martha Steward doing it and I can't fold them like her, YOUR WAY is much better!! thanks!!

  41. love this idea. can you tell me which modge podge you used? im not very familiar with it and i see there is a variety of types.

    1. The mod podge brand I use is plaid - matte finish. It has a yellow label.

  42. great. thanks for the reply! I also went to the dollar tree to totally copy your idea but could only find small baskets like your blue kind. Hard to tell in the picture but could you give me some idea of their size? Were they smallish?

  43. I so envy you for having such skills in organizing. I really hate it when I see our closet so stuffed with things but I just do not know how to properly organize it. These ideas of yours for closets Bergen are really amazing. The baskets look great and the tags are so adorable. Thank you for sharing this post. This absolutely gave me ideas.


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