Bringing Delightful Order to my Linen Closet

I've been plugging away at more organizing and it feels great! I finished the linen closet last week and I'm happy with the space.
and here is what it looked like before:
It was time to bring some Delightful Order to this closet. So I purchased some more of those very inexpensive baskets from the Dollar Tree. The same ones I used in in my kitchen to organize my paper tableware, just a different color.  I

emptied the entire closet and went through and decided to get rid of some of the sheets, pillows, etc. that have seen their better days.
Here is my garage sale/goodwill pile.
Less is more! So goodbye to this stockpile.
I made some cute little tags for the closet too (you know how much I love tags.)  They are available to purchase HERE.

I wanted the tags to have a seal, so they wouldn't rip or tear and I wanted to be able to fit a safety pin through them.  It took me a little while to figure out how to seal them. If I laminated them, they'd be too thick.  I decided to use, the ever so awesome, Mod Podge to seal them.

So I created my labels, printed them and Mod Podged over the front and the back of the paper.  I let them dry, cut them out and they were ready to be used. Find Mod Podge HERE.
The top shelf houses my overstock of pillows.
The next shelf holds my table linens, cloth napkins and pillowcases.
Stacked table linens.
Napkins for fancy dinners.
I attached the labels to the baskets with binder clips.
 I love the look of rolled pillow cases.
The next shelf holds sheets.
A lot of people like to fold sheets in sets with the fitted and the flat sheets together. 
I keep mine separate.
I roll my fitted sheets, because they never fold as flat as I'd like them to.
and I also rolled some of the blankets and the sleeping bags.
Here are the before and after side by side's of my newly organized linen closet:
Feels great to have another closet organized.

Now it's your turn to bring Delightful Order to your linen closet. Be sure and post before and after photo's and come back here on Thursday to link to my Inspiring Thursday Link Party. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Again you can find the LINEN closet labels in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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