Always Remember List

Kids say and do the funniest things. A parent wants to remember the funny, cute stories to share with their children when they're older. (I love hearing stories from my young days.) 

As a mother of four, I easily forget. So I decided to create this printable 'Always Remember' list. 
My plan is to simply jot the story down as soon as it happens and that way... I will ALWAYS REMEMBER and my children will be able to laugh at the stories when they're older.  I have added some blank lines, so you would address it like so: ________(write the name here) on ____ (write the date here) when you were ____ (write the age here) and then check the box that applies and jot down the story on the lines below.
This listing is for a high resolution PDF DIGITAL FILE, which is emailed to you to download and print on 8.5 x 11 paper. This allows you to have unlimited printing abilities.

The sheet comes with two lists on one page. Simply print as many as you'd like, cut them out and staple, or hole punch them together and anytime a story worth remembering happens, write it down and you too, can Always Remember!

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May you be a little inspired!

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