Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

I'm not quite done my baby's room yet {still have a couple of finishing touches to complete before I post it.} I'll show you that room soon.

While I finish that room, I'm going to share some more organizing with you. I've been busy spring cleaning and re-organizing my kitchen. First up was the medicine cabinet. Yes, I have my medicine cabinet in the kitchen, because for one: I have little kids, and I don't want them to be able to 'help themselves' {if you know what I mean} and for two:  It makes most sense to me to have the medicine, bandaids, vitamins on the main level of my home.
The red baskets are from the Dollar Tree.
4 baskets for $4.00 {not bad, huh?}
labeled, of course :)
I laminated my labels
I also have a chart for my medicine cabinet too:
I have a hard time remembering what time I gave which medicine, to which kid, on which day. Therefore I write it all down, to track it. I've used this chart again and again, and it works really great for me. If my kiddos are sick for a few days and I call the doctors office and the nurse asks "how long has he been running a fever?" "when was the last time you gave him medicine?" "what and how much medication have you given him?" I refer to the chart & don't have to count on memory. {My memory is not great.} This medicine tracker is now available in my shop.  {View it HERE.}

Another new item in my shop are the labels for the medicine cabinet.
Find the LABELS {HERE}
As always, you can find all my charts and labels at the My Shop Tab on the top of my blog.
While spring cleaning and reorganizing in the kitchen, I remove everything from the cabinets, wipe down the inside, and think "how can I make this kitchen work better?" The end result: moving items from one cabinet to another. In a few posts, I'll show you the before and after photo's of most of my cabinet and drawer rearranging.

Here are the before and after photo's of my medicine cabinet:
 much better, I say... much better!
Does your kitchen feel like it 'works good'? While cooking/baking, is it easy to find all the items needed? Are your cabinets and drawers out of order? Come along with me and let's take control of our kitchens.  Plan a day to tackle the job. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do. Not just that, but success in accomplishing one space, motivates one to continue on.  

So what do ya say, will you join me in reclaiming our kitchens? Make sure and post your before and afters of the space you organize and COME BACK here on Thursdays and link your greatness to my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Linky Party.  Looking forward to seeing your posts! 

* My medicine cabinet has since been moved, as I've learned some great advice from a pharmacist.  See where I store my medication now. READ the updated POST HERE. *

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