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Good Monday Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. 

I'm going to begin talking about command centers: a specific place in ones home for clutter,  junk, a place for mail/papers, keys, etc.  It's a place where everything gets 'dumped.' I've set up a command center in my kitchen and one of the items that I have in it is my grocery shopping list.

How many of you grocery shop with a list in hand?  How many times do you end up running from one end of the store to the other, only because your "list" is just a bunch of scribbled notes on a piece of paper?  I've done that many times and I've wanted to create a  categorized grocery list for a long time.  I finally did just that and let me tell you, I LOVE it.  Not only does it save time in the grocery store, it also saves money!
Introducing the grocery list:
Now available {here} in my Etsy Shop.
No More of this:
When you can have this:
 My list hangs on the inside of a cabinet door in my kitchen command center.

I can't believe I've gone so long without one of these! Whatever was I thinking?? Having a grocery list categorized is so nice.  It makes for a much more pleasant day in the grocery store.  This list is set up in 12 categories: baking, spices & condiments, beverages, bread, bakery & cereal, canned goods, dairy & deli, frozen foods, health & beauty, meats & poultry, misc., paper goods & cleaning, produce and rice & pasta.   

If I have a coupon for an item, I put a check-mark in the box next to the item.  In my next post I'll show you how I organize my coupons... it looks a little something like this...
As always, you can find all my Etsy shop items in the My Shop Tab at the top of this page. You get a high resolution PDF DIGITAL FILE emailed to you to download and print on 8.5 x 11 paper. This allows you to have unlimited printing abilities! Get your categorized grocery list RIGHT HERE today. You'll be happy you did :)


  1. I began using a categorized grocery list about a year ago and LOVE it, too! I use mine in conjunction with a menu-planning calendar. I sit down every two weeks and look over our schedule, then plan menus around it and make the shopping list accordingly. So much less stress!!

  2. I used to do this ~ whatever happened to that list? hmm... I do love the idea of putting a check mark next to those items you have coupons for. Thanks for sharing!
    'hugs from afar'

  3. Back in the days when I had a houseful of kids I had made one of these and I had all of my main staple items that I bought weekly already printed and then I'd circle them if they were running low.

  4. I love using a categorized grocery list! Yours is much prettier than mine! I love that you have it hanging inside the cabinet. What is holding the binder clip? A Command Strip hook?

  5. Dana... yes! that's exactly it - a command hook. I'm about to share my entire kitchen command center and will show more photo's of that in one of my upcoming posts.. Good Eye ;)


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