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This lil' ole craft room packs so much in it! This is the Part 2 of Jaycee's craft room.  If you missed part 1, the gift wrap center, view it {here.} Let's take a  look at her desires for the room again. This is what she says:

"I envision this place to be a small room with wrapping paper, ribbons, sewing machine, scissors, glue gun, wire and other crafty things that can be easily accessible. I want a place that I can run into to wrap a gift quickly, or somewhere that I can do a craft and if I need to leave it out I can just close the door. Maybe peg boards? It also houses the printer. "
 With those thoughts in mind... the Craft Supply Center was created:
clients space
pretty great huh?
Here is the space before:
and another before:
We needed storage, so by removing the top part of the desk and 
attaching pegboard to the wall, we got exactly that.
A TIP FOR YOU: if you have a small space - think vertical! You can get so much storage, going UP!
Shelving was added to the pegboard. Some NEW and some USED . . .
We reused those shelves that we removed from the Ikea bookshelf.
Most of the bins here on the shelves are from the dollar tree. 
I love the simplify sign! My motto is: simplify. create. organize. decorate.
I NEED to get a sign like that for myself.
We attached a thread rack to the pegboard {to leave the desk clear}
Canning jars make great storage for markers, pens, etc.
Jaycee had these baskets kicking around... so up onto the pegboard they went.
The printer got a new stand... and it also gave us more storage room.
The shelf underneath the printer holds paper and a bin for toner.
Canning jars are also great to hold ribbon and such.
Folders were created for all her 8 1/2 x 11 colored papers.
NOW for the before and afters of Jaycee's craft room . . .
and here is the rest of the room: 
{click on the photo below to be directed to part 1 of this room makeover}
 I know Jaycee loves this space.  
Everything is easy to find and easily accessible, which is exactly what she envisioned.

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