Coupon & Receipt Organizing

I organize my coupons and my receipts in separate expandable files.
Here is my coupon file:
categorized according to my grocery shopping list found {here}
the file expands like so:
Works GREAT! You can find these file folders at Walmart, Target, etc.
They're appx. 10 1/2"  x 5 1/2"
My coupon file sits in a drawer at my command center, next to my receipts file.
My receipts are organized in another file folder:
 this is an expandable file as well...
Colorful huh? :)
 categorized by month
I created the labels for my folders.
{they're available to purchase in my Etsy Shop - Click HERE to be directed.}
The labels can also be fully customized with your wording,
which gives you the option to label whatever you wish.
I cut them out & using my create a sticker:
turned the labels into stickers.  
You can use glue, tape, mod podge, etc. to attach the label.
Stay tuned... more command center posts coming soon!

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