But the heart of the home remains...

A traumatic ordeal happened to a family that is VERY near and dear to me.

A beautiful home for a family of seven...
...eight years of memories built within,
is nothing more than...
charred remains...
See the incredible photos and read the touching words {HERE} at LUXY LIVING.  
Trust me, it's a post worth reading. 

Praising GOD that nobody was in the home at the time! 

 Please lift them in prayer as they face the challenges ahead.
Until Next Time,


  1. Oh my goodness! My heart is breaking for that family....Praise God that no one was inside! I'm going now to check out the links. My heart and prayers are with your friends.

    I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.
    -- Mary Gardiner Brainard

  2. oh my gosh, that is so scary. that is my biggest fear, I swear. I'm SO glad they were not home.

    I looked up more info, and this happened in NH!! I went to college in that town. I found a link to donate to a local bank for them. I'm going to send a check. :-(

  3. SO sad! So thankful noone was home or got hurt. Will be praying for them. I just checked out the other two sites...going to see what we can do.

  4. So sad... isn't it, yet so glad they're ok!

  5. Gosh how terrible but it's good they are all okay. This is one of my worst fears:(


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