Boy Birthday Party Ideas

I figured it out the other day... I've planned 27 BOY birthday parties for my 4 boys in 10 years and I'm in the middle of planning the 28th! WOW - huh?! It's t.o.t.a.l.l.y true!

Today I want to share an inexpensive way to make a little child think their party is great, without breaking the bank!

Now before you look at these pictures, please KNOW, I'm not great at cake decorating, certainly not a pro, by any means. BUT I have 4 little guys who think I am and have told me so, with BIG grins, as I reveal their birthday cakes to them. To be great, in their eyes, is too cool, and to me, that's all that matters. So I continue to do what I do...

I let the "birthday boy" choose the theme for his party (of course, when they're old enough to choose) and then I put my thinking cap on and go with the theme. I love themed parties!

I don't buy expensive cakes or cupcakes. Often times, I make a box mix.. ;) and I make my own frosting. Many times, I've used toys to decorate their cake.  The birthday boy then gets to keep the NEW toy(s) displayed on the cake. These aren't cake toppers, their toys from the toy section of any store.

And . . . I love to design printable items (like invitations, cupcake toppers, thank you favor tags, silverware wrappers, decorations, and thank you notes, etc.) to go along with the party. In the past, I've also done a  few different themed printable party packs including, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. Get a little peek on my newest party planning right here in my ETSY shop :) The complete details  of that party coming soon.

Today I'm showing you what I've done with cakes or cupcakes that my boys have thought to be SUPER COOL!  Dressing up the cakes with toys, candy, etc...

cut & frost graham crackers to make shapes to add to your cake

 crush oreo cookies to make"dirt roads" for cakes
For now, while they're little, I'll continue letting them choose a theme for their parties.  They are growing all TOO fast and soon these "little things" will no longer be "cool."

Come back soon to see the complete details of my newest party planning.


  1. For not being a professional cake decorator you've still shown a lot of talent. What a great Mom - doing things from the heart is what really counts. Good job!
    'hugs from afar'

  2. My 3 year old would love, love, love the Cars cake.:) So cute!

  3. Very nice and thanks for the tips! A new follower here!

  4. Your boys will remember all the AWESOME cake's mom has made for us! They're all so cute & creative.

  5. Oh, I think you said it best. To be cool in their eyes, is really the best a mother can ever be. I bet they will remember the rest of their lives those cool cakes and how it made them feel. And the toys on the cakes, simply genius! Love it.

  6. I really appreciate your ideas and i would like to say thank you for sharing these great tips.

  7. Lovely,you have decorated each and every cake uniquely.boys must be proud of mom for making these delicious cakes.


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