Small Laundry Room Solutions- Clients Home

For those of you who only have a closet with a washer & dryer in it for a laundry room, you can still make the most of the space you have and keep it orderly.  Want to know how?  keep reading ...
Last year I re-organized Tamara's home for her and 
a little closet that houses a washer and a dryer . . .
clients home

is the space she has for a  laundry room.
  Her laundry closet is in the main bathroom of her home.
it's a cute little space . . .
and in order to keep it clean and uncluttered,
I made my Delightful Order suggestions on how to store the dirty clothes.
To keep the closet doors like this:
 I suggested that she bring the dirty clothes UP & keep them inside the closet,
storing the dirty clothes in large baskets on the shelf above.
What??? you say, Yes! I said bring the dirty clothes UP! odd, I know...
. . . but it's been working well for their family of four
and it forces a person to keep up with the laundry. 
Try it - it may just work for you too. 
{just be sure you have strong support on your shelf}
We got 3 large baskets for the dirty clothes...
and sorted them by darks, whites and towels.
Labeling the baskets . . . 
 . . . makes it a bit easier when sorting.
These large baskets are from Homegoods.  You can use regular laundry baskets too.
Need some labels? Purchase my laundry room labels {here}
An iron board holder fits perfectly in the space beside the dryer.
I talked about them in my last post, with links too.
If this were my space, I would add another small shelf under the large one
to hold the laundry soap, stain remover, bleach, oxi-clean, etc.
There you have it . . . Solutions for a tucked away, ORGANIZED, laundry closet.

There's still time to enter! You have until tomorrow evening!
Go {here} to find out more, follow the rules and if you haven't yet, enter today.

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