Customized Family Contact List

Introducing our newest Etsy Shop item:
 Keep track of important phone numbers, all on one convenient page.
This is great to have for babysitters, caregivers, etc.
Display the chart any way you choose: hang on a fridge, on a bulletin board, on a clipboard, etc.    I have my chart on the inside of a cupboard door, above my phone.   While I was out of town, my husband knew exactly where our list was, in case he needed any important numbers. {like if the kids got sick while I was gone.} I've also added our school snow closure phone number to the 'additional contact information' area and some relative phone numbers as well.  This list has been great in our household!
Get your customized chart {here}


  1. Your chart looks lovely! Not sure if its the same where you live, but here in Australia the emergency dispatcher will ask you address and nearest cross street - I wonder if you should include that on the chart too?

    I just discovered your blog when my friend linked to your pantry makeover, and I am looking forward to going over your other posts!

  2. Great idea! I recently saw one these oversized charts that was a magnet for the fridge at the dollar store....I wanted to let ya know about an opportunity for your etsy shop...I feature 2 each month w/ an ad and post all free 4 you...you can check out the details
    Undeserving Grace Monthly Features
    have a great week :)


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