Craft Supply Organization

I am fortunate to have a great room with tons of storage, including drawers and cupboards,
which I've turned into my craft room. Here is the way I've organized my craft supplies:
I put my clear stamps inside CD cases.
{the stamps actually stick to the case, so I can view each stamp easily}
when the case is opened, it looks like this.
my Sizzix Texture Boutique is in this cupboard.
 I store my 8.5 x 11 paper on one side of my desk in a file drawer, color coded, of course.
{stay tuned for my desk-redo post coming soon!}
I have another file drawer on the other side of the desk, which holds all my scrap paper.
The scrap drawer is set up the same as this drawer.
My 12 x 12 paper is stored in here.
There you have it, that's how I organize my craft supplies. 
Nothing too fancy, mostly just inexpensive containers.
How about you? Are your craft supplies organized? Are they in one area? 
Do you have a unique way of organizing clear stamps? 
What about craft paper, how do you organize/store it? Do share.

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