Craft Supply Organization

I am fortunate to have a great room with tons of storage, including drawers and cupboards,
which I've turned into my craft room. Here is the way I've organized my craft supplies:
I put my clear stamps inside CD cases.
{the stamps actually stick to the case, so I can view each stamp easily}
when the case is opened, it looks like this.
my Sizzix Texture Boutique is in this cupboard.
 I store my 8.5 x 11 paper on one side of my desk in a file drawer, color coded, of course.
{stay tuned for my desk-redo post coming soon!}
I have another file drawer on the other side of the desk, which holds all my scrap paper.
The scrap drawer is set up the same as this drawer.
My 12 x 12 paper is stored in here.
There you have it, that's how I organize my craft supplies. 
Nothing too fancy, mostly just inexpensive containers.
How about you? Are your craft supplies organized? Are they in one area? 
Do you have a unique way of organizing clear stamps? 
What about craft paper, how do you organize/store it? Do share.


  1. Looks great - as usual!! I am working on mine. Definitely a work in progress.

  2. The Organizing OCD part of me is completely in love right now. It looks so neat and tidy! :)

  3. Looks great! I love the idea with the CD; I would have never thought of that! Awesome job!


  4. If you'll excuse me...I am having an organizing love affair right now!!! LOL

    I've been working on my craft room it seems like FOREVER...and would just breath so much easier if it looked like this!! The CD's for the clear stamps is absolutely GENIOUS!! I will be stealing this idea for sure. :)

  5. Wow what amazing organization! Check out my craft room when you get a chance, I'm also very organized!

  6. This looks awesome, as usual. I will have to make sure you stop by when I'm doing the craft rooms... in a couple weeks on my link party!
    Found you on Keeping it Simple!

  7. Wow you are really organized! I love it. I really like your blog and am so glad I found it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. wow wish my stuff was that organised
    Leigh at The Sewing Diva via the skip to my lou linky party

  9. That's what I need. Right now all of my crafting supplies are thrown in three drawers. Hopefully this will inspire me to organize mine.

  10. Hey There! I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

  11. I love your organization. Looks like everything is easy to find :)

    I have all my craft stuff organized. I color coded a bunch of scrapbook stuff in a rolling drawer file thing from Joann's, but other stuff went elsewhere in categories. I have a craft room so everything is in there. My solid color paper or paper printed with a dominant color is organized by color. My theme papers are in plastic file folders, alphabetized :)

  12. Wow, what excellent ideas! I can't wait to go back over this post and really study it. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Ok, I am totally impressed. This is awesome. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. Wow, I have to say I am totally impressed.
    Some great ideas there. You really have it
    going on girl.
    Blessings, Nellie

  15. Ok when are you free to come take care of my craft catastrophe...um supplies that I can't seem to live without. I really need to get my room cleaned up...thanks for the good ideas!

  16. That is fabulous! You should be a professional organizer!
    I'm here today from Sunday Spotlight Party. This is my first one. I hope you can stop by my blog!!

  17. Good idea about the stamps and CD cases!! Everything looks great!

  18. Love the stamp storage in CD cases! What a great idea. I love to label everything. Off to check out more of your great ideas!!

  19. It looks great. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday through Saturday and would love for you to join the party.

  20. You are my inspiration when it comes to organizing stuff! Thanks!

  21. I also love the CD box idea for the clear stamps! Thank you!


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