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My brother, Jered and his wife Jaycee hired me to come into their home and create some organizational solutions for many spaces in their home.

We actually worked as a TEAM, putting in some really long hours, accomplishing a TON in just a few days. I think I failed to mention the fact that we were working as a TEAM back in that laundry room post. I apologize, Jered & Jaycee! They worked SO HARD! and I think we made a pretty great team :)  If you missed their laundry post, you can view it {here.}

 Another space that we redid was the craft room/gift wrapping room. 

I'm posting this room in 2 segments:  'the gift wrap center' and  'the craft supply center'  {yeah, that's how much is packed into this tiny room - it requires two posts.}

Jaycee emailed me with her desires for this room. She says:  "I envision this place to be a small room with wrapping paper, ribbons, sewing machine, scissors, glue gun, wire and other crafty things that can be easily accessible. I want a place that I can run into to wrap a gift quickly, or somewhere that I can do a craft and if I need to leave it out I can just close the door. Maybe peg boards? It also houses the printer. " 

 This is PART 1 of the finished room:
 clients home

Taking into consideration the part of Jaycee's email regarding the wrapping paper & ribbon, this is the gift wrap center that was created.

Back in the laundry room post, I told you to remember that Ikea shelf? This is it, folks!   By removing some of the shelves and adding some cafe curtain rods we turned it into a tissue paper and ribbon holder.  I love using things within a persons home, and creating a whole new purpose for it.
This is what the space looked like before:
Behind that tiny door is attic space, where most of the supplies were.
FIRST: we created a place for wrapping paper:
After spray painting a couple pieces of 1 x 2 wood, Jered attached them to the wall
and attached cafe curtain rods {which remove easily} to hold the rolls of paper.
 A few necessities hanging nearby.
WE ALSO created a place for tissue paper and ribbon, wrapping the tissue paper on child size clothes hangers, as Jaycee wanted to be able to grab a piece of tissue paper easily and didn't want it tucked away inside a box. We also added rows of those same cafe curtain rods to hold spools of ribbon.
This is the tissue paper - I L.O.V.E. the rainbow of colors! So Pretty!
A closer look at the rods.
We gave her a place for gifts that she has on hand.
and a place for boxes and . . .
a place for bags and . . .
a place for cards and tags - this one is an accordion file box. . .
Inside are separate sections for all occasions, and the cards & tags are organized here.

Here is the side by side before and after of the gift wrap center:
View the other side of the room HERE. It covers the rest of her desires for the room. You'll be truly amazed at how much can be packed into such a little space.

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