Craft Room Basket Organizing

I Love Baskets for Organization . . .
If you read my blog {or just look at the photo's} you probably already know that about me.
 You can imagine my excitement when I find a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. baskets on SALE!
I found these ones on sale, grabbed them and brought them into my craft room.
See, aren't they just as "cute as a button nose?"
and I added my own little touch to them with homemade labels, 
because, like I've said before "I just LOVE them SO!"
Take a peekaboo peek into my baskets:

My miscellaneous basket holds . . .

. . . anything & everything that doesn't have a home in my craft room.

inside this one . . .

. . . looks like this.
and I have a ribbon basket too.
It's for the ribbon waiting to be rolled onto clothespins for my jars! 
I keep smaller pieces in here also.

and raffia ribbon too. 
{that's what I used to hold the labels on these baskets}

Empty CD's,

sit in this basket.
If I see something on sale or clearance I grab it and add it to my gifts basket. . .

. . . like this baby blanket - it was only $2.98 at Target!
and when I need a gift in a hurry - I go digging in here.

This basket holds my address labels

and CD labels, etc.
There you have it . . . another part of my craft room organizing completed.
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and there's more coming soon - so do come back & see me again. 
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