Vacuum Closet Clean Out

 I don't know about you, but for me, come January, I have a need to get things in Delightful Order 
and I was on a mission yesterday! An absolute, take control of my closets & cupboards MISSION! 
First on the list was my vacuum closet.  It's next to my pantry closet.
I have a central vacuum cleaner & I absolutely LOVE it!
However... I do not LOVE it sitting on the floor, I prefer it to be in it's proper place.
Here are all the disorderly before photo's:
and . . .
for real, can you see why this closet was driving me nuts?
Now for the "Happily Ever After" photos:
So much better! and hey, you can actually see the floor!
Inside those bins:
 I store my overstock of diapers & baby wipes
I have a small basket in my family room with a few diapers & wipes in it, but I like to "hide" the bulk of it.
The other bins stored Play-Doh, which I found a new "home" for {I'll show you that soon}
 These Command Hooks are great!
 and they remove easily with no damage to the wall.
 My feather duster didn't have a hook on the end, so I tied some ribbon to hang it.
On the top shelf in the closet, I used some Ikea baskets that I had elsewhere in my home
and... of course, HAD to make tags {because I love them so}
You get it right?  These are on a TOP shelf and out of the "little ones"  reach.

I have oodles more to show you, so check back or simply follow my blog to stay updated

Who else has the need to get things in Delightful Order, once January rolls around?

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