Toy Closet Chalkboard & Mural

I finally finished my toy closet.  It is complete! 
Remember back in my Child's Art Corkboard post I told you to take a look at the wall underneath the chalkboard?   This is my addition to that space:
the laugh. PLAY. grow letters are cut with my cricut & vinyl
I added some more painting in the room.
For fun, I painted some of the grass up onto the chalkboard.
I could never draw a squirrel from scratch, so this is what I did:  I opened up a blank print publication in Microsoft Publishers (you could also do this in Word) went to insert picture, from clipart, typed in squirrel in the search bar, found the one I LOVED -  re-sized it, printed and cut it out, traced it on the wall & then painted it.  It's really easy to do - you can do it too!

and... this is where I moved the Play-Doh.
 I decided to store the Play-Doh out of my boys reach. More like one boys reach {my Mr. 2 yr. old} because he loves to dump EVERYTHING onto the floor. Play-Doh in the carpet is not cool. So I have decided, Play-Doh time will be monitored better. I will need to get it when the boys decide they want to use it.
I labeled the baskets to match the room
and laminated the labels with these laminating pouches so they don't get ruined.
Here is the before, during & after photo:

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