Organizing Craft Ribbon

My ribbon is displayed in glass jars on a shelf in my craft room.  
I think it's so Very Pretty and it's easy to see and get to the ribbon.
 I found these great jars at Walmart
 and most of the ribbon too... 
I am attracted to the ribbon aisle . . .
Can you tell?
I just love it, and use it for so many things.
and it's nice having a variety. 
Sometimes, just a piece of ribbon can Inspire Me :)
Here is the How To on wrapping the ribbon...
 I found these great clothespins at the dollar tree
Begin by sliding one end of the ribbon into the clothespin
wrapping the ribbon . . .
. . . over the end to hold it in place
 twirl the ribbon tightly around the clothespin.
 When your finished, slide a pin in . . .
. . . and it holds the ribbon in place. 
Put the wrapped clothespins in a jar & you've got  
a ribbon display of Delightful Order! 


  1. Ok.. you seriously have to quit coming up with such darn cute ideas!

  2. How CUTE and FUN!!! WOW...you are AMAZING!

  3. so cute! Great idea, I just might have to do this because right now my ribbon is in a drawer & a hot mess lol. Thanks for the idea!


  4. I like those jars! And, here is was trying to figure out what I would do with a lot of antique sewing spools. ;) Thanks.

  5. Thank you for that clothes pin idea - that's something that's always bugged me - that the ribbon floats around! Great tip!

  6. I love it! I have seen the clothes pins used for ribbon before, but I love how you displayed them by color in the jars. Very pretty! I would love if you would link up to "Simplify for the New Year" at A Home Made by Kiki!

  7. This looks so pretty. You have such nice ways of displaying things. I saw those jars at Walmart. I definitely want to scoop some up!

  8. I just have mine smushed down into a big jar, and it looks pretty like that, but I love your clothespin idea! (And I even have some of those clothespins.) Looks like I'll be reorganizing my ribbons soon. Your jars just look so pretty, like candy in an old-fashioned general store!

  9. I like the clothes pins as ribbon holders because you can store more ribbon in a small space.

  10. I just love this!!! Thanks for linking it up to my Monday party

  11. I love the idea of transferring the ribbon onto clothespins. What a great space saver. Not to mention how clean they will stay being stored in jars. LOVE IT!!! 'hugs from afar'

  12. looks so cute! like a ribbon candy shop! yummy

  13. That's a whole lotta ribbon! Nice idea.

  14. Such a beautiful idea! I'm definatly snagging this one.

  15. That's great! If you have not been by yet, make sure you enter my linky contest! The best of January 2011 will be showered with prizes! I also have some great Valentines giveaways going on right now!


  16. Hi thanks for you lovely site I like visiting and having a good look around it really makes me want to get organizing.I just wish we had some of the supplies that you have in the USA over here in the UK.Thanks from a South Yorkshire,England fan

  17. Oh my goodness, so much ribbon and what a fabulous display it makes. Using the clothespin is sheer genius. Love it. Thanks for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

  18. I thought I had a lot of ribbon!!! Fab idea and I got a whole bag of those clothespins for 25c @ a garage sale:)

  19. Your tips & ideas just might make my life a bit easier. Thanks for sharing! Following you from Thursday's hop.
    Debbie from nofiltermom.blogspot.com

  20. I just found you from today's hop. I completely love your idea and will be back for more.

  21. That is such a great idea!

    Am visiting from Organising Junkie

  22. LOVE this idea - it's a space saver, pretty to look at and quick to do!

  23. That is a super cool idea! I found some similar jars at our local Dollarama, but they don't have screw lids. Anyhow, I think this is a lovely idea. It gives your space some color not to mention organization. Very cool.
    I am following from Tater Tots and Jello link up. I didn't link up because there was sooo much already. I hope you come by to visit.

  24. I LOVE this idea!!! I have a crazy ribbon obsession, and I need a way for it to take up less space, and this looks like my answer! THANKS! I'm your newest follower.

  25. I love your idea! At first, when I saw the pictures I thought they were candy :o) - Thanks for sharing!

  26. LOVE!!!! I just reorganized my ribbon by creating a ribbon rack, but now I am totally crushing on your idea here!!

    Here's what I did, but it seems really lame compared to yours. I'm really jealous right now!


  27. I have the perfect alternative container ,similar, that you can get free. If you are a rice eater--there are different rices that come in clear plastic containers with screw covers looks about same size. I buy this rice and have many empty containers that I just couldn't throw away because I knew they could be used for something. Check them out. Now I have a project to use them for. Additional plus, UNBREAKABLE. I have been using recycling toilet paper centers to wrap left over ribbons when there is a large amount. It really keeps them in nice condition for the next year. Thanks for all the hints you have given us.

  28. This is an awesome idea as my ribbons are an absolute mess.

  29. YES!!! Such a great idea! I actually was given a bunch of these clothspins and do not like them for actually hanging clothes, but had saved them knowing I could come up with some kind of craft to do with them if nothing else. I hate how much space a ribbon spool takes up. You just gave me a "busy hands" project for the next time my husband wants my company on the sofa, while he watches something I'm not particularly interested in. Thank you!


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