Organized DVD's & Gameboys

Like I've said before, come January, I have a need to get things in Delightful Order.  I have spent a great amount of time trying to figure out why I have that need. My conclusion?  If things are out of order, it causes stress.  Therefore, I simply minimize the stress, by a little organization. 

I'm super excited to share more of my organizational projects with you.  May you truly be inspired to reclaim some order.  Remember little steps!  That's what it takes! Take an area, one area {smallest project would be best, as you will most likely succeed in completing the project.  Trying to tackle too big an area, is a complete setup for failure.}

Not sure where to begin? how about right here...

Organizing DVD's, Gameboys & Leapsters:
I am fortunate to have the perfect spot to store all this stuff.
Moving things around in my home, I discovered these bins & they were just right for the DVD's. You can find them at the dollar tree, walmart, target (any place like that.)
they work great for storing gameboys too
and the games & chargers for the gameboys
This is how I created my labels:
I designed them in Microsoft Publishers, printed them onto one sheet, cut them out
  and using packing tape, I ran a strip over it...
and simply cut around the edge, leaving enough to stick to the bin {this sticks real well to plastic bins & the label is protected.}

So go ahead, organize an area and bring it to Delightful Order. You CAN do it! I know you can! Just remember...  Success in completing one project brings motivation to keep going.   This is why you begin with baby steps.

Happy Organizing :) 

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