Calendar Board & Weekly To Do Printable Chart

I wanted something cute to hold my weekly calendar and other printable sheets 
that I've been creating for my ETSY shop, so I re-did another board for my craft room.
This one is showing my "Peek into my Week" printable. 
AND it's NOW AVAILABLE in my Etsy Shop! Click {here} to be directed.
 Simply print . . .
. . . and write in your "to do's" 
keeping track of your entire schedule for the week, all in one place!
Here is the HOW TO on the board:
I had a frame that had a piece of cardboard in it and I wanted to cutesify it, so ...
 ... I removed the cardboard from the frame
 and stuck a little leftover cork that I had from my Children's art corkboard
This gorgeous material was leftover from a table runner that I made.
I simply wrapped it around the cardboard,
{same way I did my Photo Memo Board}
put it back into the frame
  and voila! - Super Duper Easy Peasy! 
Now it holds my printables!
Get your "Peek into my Week" chart {HERE}
More charts and such coming soon to my shop, so be sure & check back often!


Craft Room Photo Board

This past week, I transformed a simple cork board into a photo memo board for my craft room.
My cork board use to look like this:
 I happened to have this material on hand
So I cut it down, leaving enough material to wrap around the frame 
{Yeah, I wrapped it around the entire frame, because this is one of those 
cork boards that you can't remove from the frame.} 
I laid the material out, placed my board on and hot glued the material onto the back.
finished with ribbon,
{I hot-glued the ends of the ribbon onto the back of the board}
 and hot glued buttons on,
and it went from a plain cork board to a cute memo board:
It's so easy to do!
If I can make one, so can you!

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Organizing Craft Ribbon

My ribbon is displayed in glass jars on a shelf in my craft room.  
I think it's so Very Pretty and it's easy to see and get to the ribbon.
 I found these great jars at Walmart
 and most of the ribbon too... 
I am attracted to the ribbon aisle . . .
Can you tell?
I just love it, and use it for so many things.
and it's nice having a variety. 
Sometimes, just a piece of ribbon can Inspire Me :)
Here is the How To on wrapping the ribbon...
 I found these great clothespins at the dollar tree
Begin by sliding one end of the ribbon into the clothespin
wrapping the ribbon . . .
. . . over the end to hold it in place
 twirl the ribbon tightly around the clothespin.
 When your finished, slide a pin in . . .
. . . and it holds the ribbon in place. 
Put the wrapped clothespins in a jar & you've got  
a ribbon display of Delightful Order! 


Children's Chores Chart

I had to take a quick time-out from my craft room organizing to share my boys' chores charts with you. 

One of my boys' jobs each night is to unload the dishes. The same question goes out every night:

"Who's turn to unload?" The answer? always the same... "not mine, I did it last night" and a second "not mine, I did it last night"  and a third "not mine, I did it last night" and then there's my 2 year old who chimes in...  "not me" in his own, 2 year old, words... {I have to admit, that part is pretty cute!}

So, the best way to avoid the question, all together, is to get their chores charts up and running: 
 I created and printed the chart
and found some clear inexpensive clipboards at Walmart 
My boys have their own little cubbies in our back entrance and I wanted to hang them there, so I added some ribbon for hanging.

I am EXCITED to Announce that I am SELLING these Chores Charts over on my Etsy Shop! You can find them {here}  I created a chart for boys and another for girls. Your choice of either blank or customized with your child's name and the list of chores.
find the boys charts FOR SALE {HERE}
and find the girls charts FOR SALE {HERE}

Hey, even if your not in need of some chores charts right now, pop on over to delightfulorder.etsy.com  every now & again.  My plan is to be continually adding new items.

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Craft Room Closet

My gift wrap station sits in my craft room closet.  Remember I told you it is so much BETTER than before.  Well, it is.  The closet was a disaster before and needed a complete overhaul.  

So I dove in, first creating that gift wrap station {view that post here.} Then I used lots of clear plastic bins to store some of my junk stuff &  I created labels for the bins {you know, to cutesify the bins & to know what's inside them.}
This is the closet NOW:
and this was the closet BEFORE:
I like the NOW much better {I think I'll keep it}
Here are the bins on the top shelf of my craft room closet:
 I created and printed my labels, cut them out and used this:
 to stick them to the bins. {I LOVE! and want to get a larger one}
it's so easy to do: simply slide the label in
and pull it through the other side
and VOILA it's a sticker! P.E.R.F.E.C.T
Here are the side by sides of my craft closet:
and another:
 MUCH Better, don't ya think?
A clean and organized space makes me :)  

How about you? Do you have a space that needs some Delightful Order?  Go ahead, dive in & bring  it to where it makes you Smile :)

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