Teacher Gift Idea: Bookmark/Pencil Holder

I had this idea.  I wanted to create a unique, usable Christmas gift for my son's school teachers.

After a little thought,  I came up with this & wanted to share it, as it would make for a great teacher appreciation gift or end of the school year teacher gift as well.

It's a Pencil Holder & Bookmark Gift Card Holder.
Presented in a customized Glass Jar {this is the pencil holder}
 Using my Cricut & vinyl,  I cut the shape of the first letter of the teachers last name & stuck in on the glass jar. {If you don't have a Cricut,  you could use a sticker}
As I often do, I called on the  "HANDY DANDY, MISS POETIC, MOTHER OF MINE" {She is so good with words & poems & so much more!!} and together, we came up with this poem: {feel free to use the poem, just credit Delightful Order, please}
and if you wanted, you can change "teacher" to "leader"  "pastor" "grandma's" etc.
The Bookmark Gift Card Holder is so easy.. 
Start with a piece of 6 x 5 paper . . .
. . . and follow the above steps. Customize the front with the poem, some pretty flowers, ribbons, etc.  and voila... you have a unique gift!
 Here is another jar I used {this one is from the dollar tree}
done pretty much the same way as the other jar...
Remember in my Christmas Ornament Glass Jars post,  I told you I was working on some inexpensive gifts using glass jars? well this is it!

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