Staircase Christmas Decorating

I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Christmas decorations.  This is the one holiday that I really do a lot of changes to my home decor, and I start making those changes, usually the day after Thanksgiving.  I'm excited to show you some of my holiday decor, hoping you may become inspired! 

Now, I am not a photographer (I take about 4,000 photos just to get 1 good one.. no lie, no exaaaageraaatioooonnnn ... ;) ok, well maybe it's a slight exaggeration.) It's especially tough to photograph holiday decor all lit up, nice & pretty.  Have you ever tried to take a photo of a stairway (which is hard to photograph anyway) with Lighted Christmas Garland? It's SO NOT easy to do... not for me anyway, cuz I want the photo to capture the lights just the right way to show the beauty of the lights in the evening.  Hopefully I captured that a little.

This is my Staircase Prettied Up for Christmas
another view from the entry door... 
I hang one set of stockings from my garland on my staircase.  I have another set {given to me, by a friend, last week} above my fireplace in my family room.  I'll post on that soon.
Okay, if it bugs you that my stockings aren't hanging perfectly straight, just know I am TOTALLY with YOU!  I'm blaming that one on my boys... ;)
 I added some ribbon to my lamps this year . . .
Above the mirror I made a swag wreathy thing {that's what I'm calling it}  and actually it's not really "made." It's kinda just nailed up there & thrown together with odds and ends and leftovers from my Christmas Bins. (Yes, I will have to fix a few holes in the walls, but they're really small ones...) I also added a couple of tree snowflake ornaments  & I just Love their reflection in the mirror.
 Anything glittery is SO ME!
My angel (from Lowes a few years ago) has some cool wings, with lights that change colors. 

My baby {he's 2} was napping while I finished decorating this area.  After his nap, I brought him downstairs and stood in front of this angel to show him the "cool" lights & his little expression was absolutely priceless - his eyes lit up & he stared at the angel for the longest time.  Wish I had gotten that on video - it was precious.  I  can't wait to see what he does on Christmas Morning :) I'm going to have the video camera ready for that one.

More upcoming holiday decorating ideas coming soon. 

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  1. i am LOVING the staircase! absolutely gorgeous!

  2. It all looks beautiful Danita...love it! you really are so creative and talented, i like checking out your blog...keep it up! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season! :)

  3. The decorations look great. I love what you did. You can check out my blog for some more Christmas decorating ideas at www.ashly-this-is-it.blogspot.com

  4. So beautiful! I'll be your son's face was incredibly precious.

  5. Wow! This makes me so wish I had a staircase to decorate again. Your staircase would be gorgeous even not decorated. The lights are really beautiful!
    Happy Holidays!

  6. It's so beautiful. I can't do the stairs but I always wish I had them to decorate at Christmas. Love the angel, too.

  7. Everything is so beautiful! I love you circle mirror. This is by far one of the nicest foyers I have seen decorated for the holidays!!

  8. Your holiday staircase is simply stunning! Bravo!


  9. beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, your staircase would be stunning without it being decorated, but its gorgeous. Great job!


  11. Just beautiful. Makes me wish I had a staircase. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  12. Stunning!!! Wow, the garland is fabulous and how wonderful and creative to hang the stockings. Your table vignette is gorgeous. Everything is just wonderful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. New follower from Thrifty Decor Chic! Your staircase looks amazing with all the lights and stockings! Love the greens and snowflakes over the mirror too!

    Love for you to stop by at http://1funkywoman.blogspot.com


  14. Love the staircase and decor. What a beautiful job. I have just become a follower and hope you will stop by for a visit and become a friend. I am a new blogger too.

  15. Hello!!! We are your newest followers! We hope you will follow us back at Just Married with Coupons! Also, come join our Big Global Blog Hop too, "Where in the World are you Wednesday" is open now for six days! Have a great day and hope to see you there! =)

  16. Cute!

    Come enter to win a free pair of sandals!!


  17. just gorgeous!!!!!

  18. Wow! It's so pretty! I want a staircase to decorate like that!!

  19. Your staircase is beautiful. Makes me wish I had stairs. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that I “ Featured” you on Santa’s Gift Shoppe Blog Hop today for your great project & inspiration! Be sure to grab the “I was featured” on Santa’s Gift Shoppe Button/Code for your sidebar! You deserve it! Thanks so much..If you’re not a follower already we’d love for you to join us...

  21. Gorgeous staircase! Your home is beautiful:)

  22. Stockings on the staircase railing? Why didn't I think of that? Ha ha! I always thought they are supposed to be hung by the fireplace. Oh, how I love the effect of lighted garlands on spiral stairs. You should see how it looks like when the photo is taken from below!


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