My 2010 Christmas Tree

This is the first year we've had our Christmas Tree up this early & I am LOVING IT!

Our Christmas Tree is always a surprise for me, as our family tradition is for daddy to take his boys to a tree farm & cut it themselves. The boys always look forward to this! 

I never know what their going to bring home.   This year they came home with a Gorgeous 7 ft. Grand Fir 
 and we had fun decorating it.  I LOVE the white lights . . .
 and Golds & Reds. . .
The only new decorations I got this year are the beads & a few new dollar tree ornaments.
My Dollar Tree Deals:
 ... and
 ... and
 not bad for a buck a piece huh?

Daddy {a.k.a hubby} & the boys insisted on getting a train for under the tree:
This is a more formal tree, so it doesn't exactly "go."  However, I decided, that's not important. I'd much rather see smiles on their faces!
:)   :)   :)   :) 
This baby {the tree} is thirsty!  I water it EVERY DAY, which is annoying when you have to crawl under the tree to pour into the base... So, my man came home with this today...
 Have you ever seen such a thing? He found it at a tree farm.
This is how it looks in my tree.   
Hopefully it'll work good & we'll never have to crawl under the tree again!


  1. I so can relate to crawling under the tree. Every morning and every night I get a picture of water and a small glass, get down on my hands and knees, raise the lowers branches up, trying not spill, all the while trying to see where the water level is. AAAaauuggh. So I like the water spout thingy...but my first thought is, how do you know when to stop, so the water doesn't spill over onto the floor/presents? Let's us know if you like it.

  2. Hi Kathy! I, myself, still haven't used it as we just got it yesterday, so I will have to keep you posted on how to know when to stop watering.

  3. Your tree looks like the one in my daydreams as my boys destroyed ours already.

    Thanks for linking this up!

  4. Hi Da Nita!
    Where did you get your train for under the tree? I have been looking for one like yours for a few years now. You can email me at meeganfast@yahoo.com
    Love your blog!

  5. Meegan,
    We got our train for under the tree at Toys R Us. :)

  6. What a beautiful tree. I love the gold and glitter it looks so rich.


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