Cleverly Creative Christmas Gifts

I hope you all had a Great Christmas! I sure did!

Let me just say, that I have some pretty creative family members!  
I just HAVE to share a couple of really neat Christmas gifts that we received this year...

Creativity from my side of the family:
Boys' Christmas Jammies
Every Christmas my boys receive "Christmas Jammies" and socks from Emmy {my mom, their grandma} and they wear them on Christmas Eve.  She usually buys the tops and makes the bottoms
{although, there's been times she's made the shirts too.}
With each year, comes a different theme for the jammies.
This year it was "Charlie Brown" and the boys were thrilled with them!
I often call my boys "Charlie Brown" {don't ask me why, I just do}
So the Charlie Brown jammies are perfect!
Each year, she also makes something "to go along with the jammies."

This year they all got cute little bag/backpacks that match their new jammies . . .
 . . . with their initial on it & the Charlie Brown character that is most like them.
{I'm not sure if I get more excited or if they do about their NEW Christmas Jammies  every year}
I just LOVE them!
and they also  got the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD & a Charlie Brown book too.

and more . . .

Creativity from my hubby's side of the family:
Unique Money Folds
On Christmas day we all gathered at my hubby's parents home.
The boys open their gifts from their other set of grandparents and
this is what's inside the boys' boxes:
a bill folded into a shirt!
Clever, huh?
Learn how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt {here}

and the girls boxes had:
 money rings! How cute is that?? I thought they were adorable!
Learn how to fold a dollar bill into a finger ring {here}

I just had to share these  gift ideas,
just because I think they are so cleverly CREATIVE and I LOVE creative!!!


  1. Quite the clever family you have. I am sure that makes all the holidays fun & interesting!

  2. I always suggest folding money into some fun shape but my suggestion gets shot down and we send giftcards to the nieces and nephew. Boring- I know! I think I will push harder next year now that I am not the only one that thinks this is a good idea. I love your posts and I'm going to keep reading your blog a bit more today.


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