Christmas Snow Village

Part of my Christmas Snow Village sits in a niche above my fireplace
{you may have noticed it in my Stocking Post}
and the other part sits on the top shelves of my built-ins on either side of the fireplace.
This is what it looks like:
This year, I decided to incorporate the snow village to the top shelves {mostly because I'm running out of room.}
 and I really liked how it turned out.  This is the right side.
. . .and this is the left side.  The reason I'm running out of room is because our little snow village just keeps growing...
Reason Being?  - Another Tradition !!
My husband and I  started this tradition our very Christmas together as a married couple.  We buy  a new house or bigger item for each year that we've spent Christmas together.  We're now up to twelve!
Each year, while decorating this area, I sing... "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow..." as I sprinkle the snow...
 I use the boxes that the houses come in to give different heights.
Cutest Lil' School House
When we start pulling out our Christmas Decor Our Snow Village is, by far, the MOST EXCITING for the boys!   Even more so than the Christmas Tree.


  1. So cool! I remember being completely fascinated by these tiny Christmas villages when I was young--one of my aunts had a row of houses on her mantel that I would look at in awe.
    Our family tradition was to put up a Playmobile nativity scene with Roman soldiers, a stable, animals, and angels hanging from the ceiling.

  2. I love the little village. Now that reminds me of my childhood.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a pretty Christmas village:) I love how you have it set up

  4. Very Pretty!

    Newest follow on GFC, Follow back at

  5. your blog is so cool! I'm your newest follower and will have to steal some of your ideas! :)

    Stop by Emma's Lunch when you can.

  6. Your village is wonderful! I still have to finish constructing our little town on top of the baby grand. So much fun! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  7. Love your snow villages. So neat and beautiful. Your tree is lovely too.
    What a nice job! and what a nice tradition that is to collect a new house or pc. every year! Sweet!
    Blessings for a Wonderful christmas

  8. I love your blog and your christmas village, and basically everything else! I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow my blog as well as I am trying to blog more and have more followers! :)
    Is this a dept 56 village? it looks like it and I just love it, I am trying to start my own as well and hope for it to one day look as gorgeous as yours!

  9. Everything is so charming and delicate looking. I really like how your clock fills up the niche above your fireplace.

  10. What a wonderful snow village collection! Your home is beautiful. Love how you have the clock in the alcove instead of a tv. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. What a beautiful collection! Your decorations look lovely!

  12. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments. I LOVE receiving each & every one of them. Most of my snow village pieces are from the "Carole Towne Collection."

  13. It looks just beautiful, and this is a wonderful tradition. I like your idea of utilizing the boxes to create the landscape.

    Happy Pink Saturday. I am glad you joined us today.

  14. What a beauty you have.

    I love the over all balance of your mantle with the side bars of Christmas villages.

    May the season bring you beauty and joy beyond measure.


  15. Thank you for sharing your Snow Village with us. It really makes you get more into the holiday spirit. I think that is the same one my sister has. She leaves hers out all the time.

  16. Under the big tick tock there is a village of DaNita's world where God has given her the desires of her heart, wouldn't anyone want to live there? I see her among the school children and buying gifts at the general store. With all the chaos around us, isn't it nice we live in His Heavenly Realm. God Bless you. Love Terri www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

  17. I loved all your photos. Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. Lovely Christmas Village. I loved the idea of buying a new piece every year that you are together, it makes it even more special

  19. I love your Christmas Village, it looks great on the shelves and niche! I didn't get time to get mine out this year!

  20. How pretty>>

    I feel bad I didn't even take my village out of the box this year...busy this year helping others decorate for the holidays...so I fell way behind on my house...

    Loooove your village:)

    Merry Christmas!!

    I am stopping by via Sunday Showcase.

    Kay Ellen

  21. Love the villages!! We love going to the local garden center and looking at their Christmas village display every year. IT's huge! I have a few houses that I put up.


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