Children's Art Cork Board

I've been slowly finishing up on a few of my LONG list of things to do. 

The first thing I want to show you is an addition to my toy closet.

Do you remember in my Home Makeover Kitchen Post, I showed you Janda's corkboard she made for her children's artwork? Well, it was there that I was INSPIRED to create my boys a cork board for displaying their artwork & I knew EXACTLY where I wanted it.
 This wall in my toy closet was the perfect place for it!
and guess how much it cost me to make? 
Zero. Zilch. Nada!
I had everything on hand!
The frame is one that I've had in my garage for a while now {I just knew I would find a use for it} 
It use to look like this:
 well, it just had cardboard inside the frame & 
I had these tile cork pieces {they are the peel & stick kind}
I got them from Craft Warehouse a while back
I simply cut them to size and attached them to the cardboard.
Next, using the same green acrylic paint I had used for the leaves on my tree mural, 
I painted the cork board {the color is leaf green}
{YES, you can paint cork boards! How COOL is that?}
and I added some ribbon to hide the seams.
and . . .
I didn't like the black frame in the room, so I painted that too!
First I  did a few coats of white... and I thought that it was a little too white, 
so I wiped some antiquing paint on, and wiped it off before it was dry, 
just to give the frame a little "aged" look
I LOVE this stuff!! I've used it many times on many projects!
Here's a little tip for you: 
While painting, if you're going to leave the paint for a little while
{like an hour or two, I'm not talking days or weeks ;) }
soak the roller or brush in paint, place Saran Wrap over & your paint won't dry out.
Just a little trick I learned from my dad {he's a painter}
 Oh & speaking of paint . . .

Take a look at the chalkboard & the wall underneath it
{the chalkboard is from Joanns}
Well today, I started "transforming" that a bit with some more paint. . .
and I'm anxious to finish it so you can see what it looks like now. . .
Soon it'll be done, so be sure & check back!

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