Mail Organizer

This is my personalized mail organizer
and this is what it originally looked like:
I found the folders on sale at Target a few weeks ago 
I bought three of them (they're sold separately & link together)

I was planning on using them near my Homework Bulletin Boards,  but decided this would be a better, much needed use for them.

The top folder is for incoming mail 
middle one holds outgoing mail 
and the bottom one is for outgoing misc. (movies that need to be returned, etc.)
Steps on "Cutesifying" the Labels:
All the shapes were cut using my cricut (I LOVE that thing)  with the Accent Essentials Cartridge.  I typed the words on my computer, printed, cut-out, laminated and  hot-glued them onto the files and  simply cut and  hot-glued everything else and... 

I just had to add some ribbon (I LOVE Ribbon)
I wanted to bring some color to the folders and also wanted them to hang apart from each other, so I used the ribbon to connect the folders.

The side by side's:
The finished piece . . .
. . . totally & conveniently located!

To view the tutorial post on HOW to hang this mail organizer GO HERE

AND get your printable labels in my Etsy Shop HERE


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