Home Makeover - Part 2 - Living Room

Let me begin by saying WOW!!! I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and overly blown away by the traffic to my site this past week.  Thank You all for featuring me, following me (over there on my right sidebar) and for every single comment. I am truly humbled and more inspired by each of you! You are all the best -  Thanks again!!  
Now on to Part II of this home makeover:

Earlier, I posted on Janda's Media Room/Toy Room Makeover.  She's due to have a baby soon and she wanted their home rearranged and felt "put together" before that little man arrives.  Part of the space she wanted redone was her Living Room.  So I spent some time over at her beautiful home, beautifying  it. (I don't know if "beautifying" is a word, but I like it)  

With just a few changes, this space was transformed into a cozy living room

Here are the BEFORE PHOTOS 
Janda bought some curtains (from Ross) and they were exactly what she wanted, as far as style, but ended up being a little too short for her high ceilings. She had some extra red material kicking around her home, so I "redesigned" the curtains & Janda sewed the extra to the top of the panel.   Here are the Before Photo's of the store bought curtains:
See how short they are?
Janda sewed & they're no longer too short. Great Job Janda! aren't you proud of yourself? I say, why not use what you have (or an inexpensive curtain) & create a "custom" curtain - for a LOT less than the "custom curtain" price? (Oh, and I'm going to show you what we did with those green panels in my next blog. So keep checking back.)

And here are the AFTER PHOTOS
Items purchased: 
Curtains (Ross)
Orchid plant (Ross)
Red Lamp(Target)
Larger Lamp (Goodwill) 
Small Table (Goodwill) which Janda's hubby spray painted
All other "new" pieces are from other places in the home, 
besides the table behind the couch, which Janda's hubby made.  
Of course, the baby swing needed a "home," so there it rests, in the corner, waiting for that baby boy.  
I can't wait to meet him :)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE before & after photo's:
Take a Look:

 and . . .

MORE of this home makeover coming soon...

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