Refrigerator Face-Lift

A disorderly refrigerator in desperate need of some “delightful order”

Uhhh, can you say M.E.S.S.?!
First, things first… REMOVE EVERYTHING!  and begin the process…

. . . Next, clean the fridge from top to bottom!
(for real, I think this may be the very first time I have ever scrubbed this fridge so good,
including removing all drawers, and wiping down every inch) ok, ok don’t laugh, it’s only been 2 1/2 years or so! I often rearrange & wipe it down, but removing all drawers? That just doesn’t happen often enough! I think I like this blogging thing… it Inspires ME!   
Now that it’s all clean. I have a fresh start to begin loading it back up..

After tossing out left over dinner from, umm let me think, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, giving some scraps to our chickens(notice the brown eggs, those are from our chickens, and they are Super Duper tasty, if I may say so myself) and after tossing out some moldy stuff (yuck!) this is the end result!  
Ahhhh… that feels better!  Now let’s see the before and after shots. . .

Voila!  There you have it! A refrigerator that’s had a “Delightful Order” face-lift!

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