Peek Inside My Pantry

I like a clean, organized pantry!  One that LOOKS good, even behind closed doors.  

Take a peek inside:
I LOVE Tupperware and Baskets and that's pretty much what my pantry consists of. 
This wall is just the perfect little wall to hang my boys' lunch boxes. 
I label all my bins.  I printed these on Easy Peel Clear Mailing Labels (the ones made by Avery.)  I have a laser printer, so I am able to wash the Tupperware in the dishwasher & the labels don't smear.  And they actually stay on pretty good.  

Most of my labels have been on for years & have had many washings.  After printing the labels I cut around the words & stuck them to the bins. 

Here is a closer look at some of the bins:

The very bottom shelf under all the Tupperware is where I keep my overstock of paper towel.

and next to the paper towel, closest to the door is where I keep potatoes.
Remember the shelves of baskets?  (all the baskets are from IKEA from a few years back, oh and same with the stool, that came from Ikea too)
 Let's take a peek at what's inside those baskets:

On the very top shelf  I keep school lunch stuff.   Stuff I don't want the boys to be able to get for themselves. (juice bags, bagged chips, etc)
In the basket on the next shelf are all my boxed items.
Next shelf holds all my canned soup.
Below that the basket is filled with canned fruits & vegetables & tuna fish.

The basket on the bottom shelf holds miscellaneous stuff (like bbq sauce, spaghetti sauce etc.)

and the basket that sits on the floor is my overstock of ziplock bags and paper lunch bags.

 The reason I LOVE BASKETS is because they hide the not so pretty things.

Someday I plan on labeling the baskets too.

I have to share with you how my 2 year old entertained himself while I reorganized my pantry today.

This is what he was up to...
 little munchkin got into my games!
He LOVES to play with everything BUT toys.

Guess I have some more organizing to do. 

But until I get to the games, I'm going to enjoy my clean, organized pantry...
... because this is the nicest it will ever look!

Don't have a pantry to organize?  There are some really cool ideas out there on creating a pantry with shelves & fabric covers.

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