5th Wheel Trailer Space Reclaimed

I have a friend that is temporarily living in a 5th wheel trailer and I had offered to help her get “settled.”  As settled as you can get in a trailer anyway.  So, last week I went over & we tackled the job together.  Since, I LOVE organized spaces, and this is an organizational blog I asked her if I could blog on it, she chuckled and said “OK.”  I was excited with the end results & wanted to share the photos with you.  This is what the trailer looked like when I walked in.

so, we dove right in and started going through bins and folded a LOT of clothes.  
We found a place for everything.

The counters no longer look like this.

 they now look like this, with a place underneath for shoes & garbage.

And this is what the rest of the place looked like after we tackled it.

So, you ask… what did we do with all those clothes that were piled on the couch?
Well, of course we folded them & either found a bin, a basket or a closet for them all.

Amazing huh? A place for everything & everything in it’s place. :)
Now let’s take one last look.

and . . .

Oh and remember the bedroom? This is what it looked like before:

and now it looks like this!

Hopefully my friend and her family slept peacefully that night!


  1. Amazing! And so inspiring...going back to revamping my kitchen :D

  2. You are a kind friend! I love to see people take what they're proficient at and helping someone when they need it.


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